Lyssy Mussa: “I can easily prove we all have superpowers!”

Inspiration and playing are a way to change both our own lives and the world around us. This is the message of Lyssy Mussa, a well-known Russian writer, author of various books and training courses which have already inspired thousands of people. Her new arts project, a tour round the world, can definitely enthrall anyone else.

In her native Russia, Lyssy Mussa's name tells its own tale: national and public awards, widely circulating books, and numerous loving fans are her best CV.

Her alias has outrun her real name; Lyssy Mussa is maybe better known to the wide public than Zoe Chernakova (however, both of them are quite popular). Her life is a great example of a versatile talent. Artist, journalist, and writer, author of over 40 books dedicated to psychology and healthy lifestyle and psychological methods that have changed the lives of thousands of persons: here is a brief description of what she does. Lyssy Mussa has carried out hundreds of trainings, written for major publishing houses in Moscow, and contributed to various TV and radio shows. She gets coverage in media and TV, and her paintings are exhibited in galleries and kept in private collections all around the world.

In 1991, a documentary called Self-Portrait was made about Zoe Chernakova and shown on Russia’s main TV channel several times. Now, she is famous as Lyssy Mussa, the inspirer of the Global Magicians movement and the author of sensational psychological programs.

A Life of Bold Strokes

Zoe Chernakovas first degree came from Vasnetsov School for Arts and Industry, one of Russias best artistic high schools. Success followed like lightning: in 1982, only six months after she started out as a professional artist, her artwork was exhibited at 28 Malaya Gruzinskaya, Moscow's most popular gallery at those times. After a 1988 exhibition in Montreal, she became famous in Canada and the USA, and in 1990, Chernakova got the first prize at the Naïve Art Biennale in Paris. After that, invitations from museums and galleries kept snowing in. In 1991, Chernakova got the first prize at the first international contest, Golden Brush, and up to 2003, her artwork participated in more than 300 events throughout the world (including about 60 solo exhibitions). Now, her paintings can be found everywhere, including museums, galleries, public and private collections in and outside Russia. Zoe Chernakova has won prizes and awards from various art festivals and contests, held both in Russia and internationally.

In 1994, she started out as a journalist, making her own radio shows, and writing about art for various papers and magazines. This was a great way to perfect her writing skills; in addition, the people she was dealing with woke up her interest for psychology. So she came to study at St. Petersburg University, one of Russia's best high schools. Here, she got her second university degree, now specializing in psychology.

Since 2003, Zoe Chernakova, now Lyssy Mussa, has created various personal playing-style psychological techniques, became a productive writer (she has written over 40 books as of now), and has been contributing greatly to public work and scientific research.

In 2008, she was awarded the First Class National Glory Order, and in 2009, she got the National Heritage Great Golden Medal from the Centurys Patrons Fund and was included into the register of the Golden Fund of Nations.

In April 2011, the Managing Board of Moscow branch of Russias Writers Union and Translators Union decided to award Chekhov literary prize and medal to Zoe Chernakova (Lyssy Mussa, Alyssa Mussonova), on the following wording: For Professional Excellence and Creativity.

Magic Is Simple

A real artist never restricts him or herself to only one field of activity: along with being a productive artist, Zoe Chernakova evolved as a journalist and psychologist.

After I was done with my studies, it took me several years to get rid of using special terms; for some reason, the language used by psychologists is really inhuman, she says. In my mind, a psychologist who works with people should speak so that anyone, regardless of age or education, understands him. Her best-selling books were written with this in mind.

Dogmas and clichés are useless if a person with free mind comes along. Zoe did not want to deal with ready truths, and with her genuine interest for the possibilities of human mind, she ended up creating her own psychological techniques. She was now Lyssy Mussa, the author of a playing-style meta training called Oxymoron – Academy of Magical Science (in Russian, the word oxymoron contains the letters OK and humor", creating a nice wordplay). This method intends to turn an utter misanthrope into a magician and to help any person take possession of his or her life. It was really sensational: this training made her popular even with people who did not have anything to do with art, turning them into Zoe's keen fans; numerous new "magicians" appeared in various cities in Russia and the CIS. People were eager to share their findings at online forums and in real life meetings; this training really helped many of them achieve something they had been pursuing for years and decades, in many fields, from money to health and relationships.

From good to better: in 2005, Lyssy Mussas health program triumphed. During the first month, over 3,000 persons took it and got fantastic results. A four-week training helped many men and women lose significant weight without any problems, also curing chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, and skin problems. Even patients who were desperate according to doctors were getting better. Based on this experience, a book appeared called From Scorcher to Curves, which immediately became a best-seller; over a million copies have been sold so far. However, that was only the beginning; since then, Lyssy Mussa wrote and published over 40 psychology books, story books, and new psychology programs ("Pamper Your Skin, Becoming an Artist in 100 Hours, Quantum Leap Toward Marriage, and many others), including both playing elements and professional drama therapy.

A Travel to the Edge of Paradise

Lyssy Mussas new project, the Travel to the Edge of Paradise, is an important and valuable stage of her way as a psychologist, artist, art therapist, coach, and event manager. She says that people often wander throughout countries, but she prefers travelling through people". This fantastic creative experiment and unprecedented adventure can show you that we can change the world easily and effortlessly. How could it be?

Just show any person that he/she is a genius, and then let him/her share this brilliance with the whole world! This is Lyssys ambitious plan: discovering everyones very special gift and then showing this gift to that person and the whole world. Convincing a person that he/she is talented is maybe the most complicated thing in this whole process.

The visitors of can admire the fantastic effects of saying yes to any adventures and possibilities online. For people from different countries, this will be a unique chance to discover Lyssy Mussa and participate in her special creative projects. The program contemplates a vast cultural context: wherever Lyssy comes, she will carry out trainings, seminars, creative master classes and public events there.

The trip around the world will last for two years. As for the points of destination, these are not only Europe and South-Eastern Asia but also really exotic places like the Easter Island, Tierra del Fuego, Colombia, Cook Islands, the volcanoes of Kamchatka, and the Antarctic. The journey begins on May 30 and shall be really thriving; right now, over 30 trainings have already been planned, and the itinerary includes over 140 stopping points (meaning that 140 persons have already invited Lyssy to come).

However, the best thing about this journey is that anyone can take it! Lyssy Mussa invites you to join her at any moment. You can rest assured that this international experience will be really unforgettable. Warning: once you risk with us, you could stay happy for the rest of your life!

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